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In the community

Our vision includes fostering better understanding between cultures and communities in inner Liverpool, promoting awareness of equality, opportunity, education and training to support and encourage sport.

Sponsorship for women and girls in sport

Riverpool is delighted to be sponsoring the Liverpool Basketball Under 16 Girls team .

Local community (L8)

Riverpool is currently working with a local minister and chaplain who networks between local cultural and religious groups to locate worthy projects for our sponsorship and co-working. Riverpool will seek to help local initiatives such as disability and access to learning; supporting sufferers of mental and moral suffering and injury and supporting soldiers and veterans in civilian life. Riverpool will champion combating loneliness in the community and seek to form supportive relationships with students.


We aim to extend our knowledge capital to benefit other local and city region businesses, charities and organizations in the form of Seminars, Training opportunities and workshops in the following areas: Cultural Diversity and Awareness;   Community Strategy for Businesses; Practical Networking Skills and Legal Education