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About Riverpool

Riverpool is a company which invests in property, building projects and development.

Riverpool rents out properties, maintaining a very high standard of hospitality, close to the grounds at Anfield for the benefits of football fans, for events and conferences.

Riverpool has a Private Members Club, with bar sport experience Riverpool provides for students an exclusive en-suite rental in a historic quarter of the city.

In the near future, Riverpool plans to develop new residential and commercial investment projects.

Our vision for the business is to create bespoke service for the client and choice to the widest range of clientele.

Our vision for the community and corporate responsibility includes:
    Fostering better understanding between cultures and communities in inner Liverpool;
    Encouraging the setting up of a basketball team for women in Liverpool.

Our Mission is to consistently to invest resources and work intently to achieve rewarding results for both business and community.

Meet our team:

Ofer Stern


Ofer is a civil engineer and entrepreneur since 1982.
He has owned and developed commercial centres and residential complexes.

Naama Ema Solomon


Naama is a lawyer by profession since 2000 in the business sector. In her practice, Naama has fused her passions for the law and for business in delivering a very high standard those needs. Naama believes in providing a high standard of accommodation such as, for hospitality, or en suite facilities for students.